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最小化 Javascript 和 CSS 文件

Posted by Ross Wan 于 2007/11/29

       目前,很多 Web 应用都有一些臃肿的 Javascript 和 CSS 文件。幸运的是,有不少可供选择的解决方法:压缩(Compression)、混淆(Obfuscation)、绑定(Bundling)。下面列出一些 关于压缩 Javascript 和CSS 的网站:

Javascript and CSS Compression

Bundle-Fu – Bundle Your JS/CSS Assets in 10 Seconds or Less
       在 Web 2.0 的网站中,有大量微小的 Javascript/CSS 文件,这些文件会加重访问服务器的负担。Bundle-fu 可以将这些细小的文件打包成一个大的 package,这样,服务器只需要发送他们一次就完成。

Make Your Pages Load Faster by Combining and Compressing Javascript and CSS Files
       解决网页包括大量的 Javascript/CSS 文件时加载缓慢的问题。

Faster Page Loads – Bundle Your CSS and Javascript


AJAX and CSS Optimization

Javascript Compression

Serving JavaScript Fast

JSMin – The JavaScript Minifier

YUI Compressor

GZip output compression with AJAX

Javascript and CSS Compression With Java

LZ77-Algorithm-Based JavaScript Compressor

Combine and compress your CSS and Java

Javascript Compression With PHP

Packer JavaScript in PHP

Javascript and CSS Compression With Rails

Rails plugin: Blazing fast page loads through bundled CSS and Javascript

Javascript Compression With Rhino and Maven

Rhino and Maven for JavaScript Compression at Build Time


MobilVox Maven JavaScript Plugin

Compression Research

Performance Research, Part 1: What the 80/20 Rule Tells Us about Reducing HTTP Requests

Minification v Obfuscation

Optimizing Page Load Time



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